Kennedy Agyapong's baby mama rains curses on him

Kennedy Agyapong’s baby mama rains curses on him over claims he had neglected her daughter to suffer in life.

The Ghanaian politician and businessman who represents Assin Central is married to numerous women with 22 children.

Below is a photo of some of his daughters who danced their hearts out in a viral video.

Kennedy Agyapong's baby mama rains curses on him

According to Moira Kennedy Agyapong, Agyapong was a terrible father who neglected her daughter at a time when she needed him to guide and direct her as she went through life.

She also revealed that Kennedy never sent a penny to support her daughter, who recently graduated from university, and thus he has lost the right to add her to the number of children he has had since the day he would do so.

In a Facebook live video she was heard saying;

“Never in your life count my child as one of your children because a father who neglects his child does not deserve to even mention his or her name and the day you will do that may thunder strike you and may you be curse anytime you mention her name”

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