Kennedy Agyapong spotted preaching the word of God in a church[VIDEO]

Kennedy Agyapong spotted preaching

Kennedy Agyapong spotted preaching the word of God despite his attacks on many men of God.

The video came as a surprise to us at because of how the member of parliament carried himself on TV but little did we know he could stand on a church’s altar.

In the video, Mr Agyapong delivered a powerful sermon at one of The Church of Pentecost branches in Assin Fosu, and the theme was the essence of money.

Watch Kennedy Agyapong on Net 2 tv ,The seat

Addressing those who described his wealth as vanity, the MP quoted Ecclesiastes 10:19, which reads: “Food is for laughter, wine, for merrymaking and money answers it all.”

Although he might not be the best of the best in terms of religous activities we are glad he delivered such a wonderful message using himself as an example.

Have a look at the video below.