Kennedy Agyapong to bring back another set of girls from Lebanon.

Kennedy Agyapong said in an interview that even though the initial target was to bring 900 Ghanaians from Lebanon,the number has now increased to 1,300 aside the people that has already been brought to Ghana.

Kennedy Agyapong has promised to add another $50,000 to his already payed $150,000 so that the  arrangement can go smoothly.

He also mentioned that he has to send some money to help feed them aside his already donated money.

He also mentioned that some government officials has promised to help and some have already donated cash.

The Assin Fosu Mp also mentioned these following names as some of the officials who has donated and the amount.

George Oti Bonsu($10,000)


Nii Kwakye Sampson ($1000)

Local government minister Hajia($2000).

He said he will give the total money to the minister of foreign affairs who will intern use the money to buy tickets for the people to come home.

He explained the feeling of gratitude in the faces of the girls and how they have totally transform from how they previously looked.

Kennedy Agyapong has also send a message of appeal to all Ghanaians to help bring back the girls

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