Kennedy Agyapong insults Net2Tv managers after they showed plenty adverts before his interview held recently n the TV channel.

Commercials are a way media houses can gain from their programs but making it very lengthy makes it boring and pushes customers away which reduces viewership on the channel.

IN a new video,angry Kennedy Agypong could be heard expressing his view about such lengthy TV adverts.

He was heard saying:

Don’t you watch CNN, Dont you watch BBC…You think people have time?

use yourself as an example, look what you have done here, it is bogus. Let me tell you, how can you think I have to come here to manage everything?

He also added:This is a foolish act, what kind of nonsense is that? I’ve been sitting here all this while and all you do is an advert?… which TV Station will you go to and they will load plenty of adverts like that with the panelist just sitting there?

Have a look at the video below.