Kasoa teenage “murderers” to appear before court today

Two teenagers who murdered their 10-year-old friend for money rituals are expected to appear before the Ofankor District Court today, April 6.

The Kasoa Divisional Police Commander, Chief Superintendent Charles Koosono confirmed it during an interview with Daily Graphic yesterday.

Ghana was hit by a piece of sad news on April 3 regarding the de@th of a 10-year-old boy who was k!lled by his friends for alleged money rituals

The suspects (Felix Nyarko, 18 years and Nicholas Kini, 19) claimed a fetish priest in the Volta Region requested that they bring a body part for money rituals.

According to a Police report  the two suspects invited the deceased to the uncompleted building and hit him with a club and cement blocks k!lling him instantly.

The murder case came as a surprise to many who have wonder what might have influenced the teenagers to commit such an outrageous crime which reports claim was for ritual purposes.