Kafui Danku f!res persons hailing ‘r@p!st’ Hakimi over his divorce saga

Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku has joined social media users who have reacted to the issue surrounding Moroccan footballer, Achraf Hakimi and his wife.

Reports went viral yesterday that the wife of the PSG player has filed for divorce and demanded half of the properties of Hakimi.

She arrived in court only to realize that Hakimi had no property registered in his name.

It was reported that Hakimi, who plays for PSG and receives over one million euros per month registered his entire fortune under his mother’s name years ago.

A lot of social media users including Kafui Danku have reacted to the trending issue with a section hailing the footballer for thinking smart.

In a Facebook post, Kafui was shocked that people are heaping praises on Hakimi who she claims has been indicted for r@pe and m0lestation. According to her, those who are hailing the footballer are people who want strong women to fail and are insensitive to the plight of women who may find themselves in similar situations.

In a lengthy Facebook post, she wrote;

I can’t believe some of you are here hailing a man who has been indicted for r@pe and m0lestation simply because his wife may not be granted the settlement she want or deserve !
Most of you are making it look like you want strong women to fail; forgetting you have sister and daughters who will have to deal with insensitive men like this when they’re no longer under your”protection” which ends immediately they step out of that door!
Applauding such ill … Dang !
Why won’t other men think it’s ok ?
A part of the problem is how we have been socialized to think that women who cannot be bullied into settling for less or making bold choices must be gold diggers. How sad !
There are great women doing great exploits and supporting their partners.
In this case, the lady in question will be fine; FYI, she’s a top Spanish actress and I’m sure she makes her own money;It’s only fair that she gets settled for all she may have gone through or endured though it may not happen.
Why would a grown man under disguise not have “properties” if he doesn’t have an ulterior motive?
I know some will say it’s a choice . Yes, but questionable!
The other day, I posted in my FB group that
“your husband isn’t qualified to advice you on your career or business” especially if the idea is to talk you out of it. It is YOUR calling!
I said that boldly because some intentionally try to make you “powerless” by giving you no choice but to fully depend on them.
One man argued with me about who will give the necessary “financial support” to start the business and I asked if the husband is the only one she may know in this world .
Don’t you have family and friends?
Pursue that dream regardless!
Build that business!
Don’t put up with any negative energy concerning your dream or career.
Nothing is promised .
Before I learned about the Nigerian term “VEX MONEY”, I’ve always known and believe everyone needs a backup no matter how rich your partner may be!
Have some 2 by 2 “side” to fall back on !
Akpe na mi 🙌🏽

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