JUST IN: Diego Maradona dead

Maradona removal of a blood clot on the brain.

Diego Armando Maradona – the name does not
require any further descriptions to explain who he
is and what had been his achievements as a
footballer. Since Pele and Garrincha, no other
footballer in the world could ever have such a huge

Argentinian football legend and winner of the 1986 World Cup, Diego Maradona, has passed away at home in Tigre after suffering a heart attack, according to reports in Argentina.

JUST IN: Diego Maradona dead

Maradona had been recuperating from the
removal of a blood clot on the brain.

HeMaradona was a genius. He was a villain. He was a God gifted.

For many in Naples, Maradona is still God.

Napoli had been the club where Maradona flourished as the ultimate legend. Until his arrival at Naples, Maradona was regarded as a unique talent, who was yet to come of age.

Before he arrived in Napoli, Maradona spent a brief period in Spain, and even after leaving Naples, he returned to the same country.

Maradona started his LaLiga journey in 1982 when Barcelona paid 1.2 billion pesetas to bring him over from Boca Juniors.