Joyce Dzidzor makes another bold and damaging reveal

Former AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah in her usual fashion has again released a statement on Facebook to blast men who are buzzing her with marriage proposals on the social media platform.

Joyce Dzidor who is going up and down on social media with her baby-daddy (father of her child) on Facebook revealed that some “primitive” men are trying to exploit her current feud to snatch her hand in marriage.

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In a lengthy post on the social media platform, the former AIDS ambassador wrote:

“A quick information to those primitive people who have taken marriage to be a world cup. I am not in any way asking anyone to marry me.

I was getting overwhelmed by numerous court letters and decided to voice out.
Secondly, I wanted the man to go for the official DNA test ordered by the court which he was running away from.

After the final DNA test, i don’t need to call him on phone or chase him for baby money. Social system will force hom to pay child support. Do you know how many men are on my case? Do i look to you like a woman who is lacking men in her life?

Ever since this issue men all over are proposing to me left right centre. Recently, 3 different black American men also joined the long queue. One of them recently proposed marriage to me and asked if I’m ready to relocate to Ghana and said he wants to buy me a house in any part of Ghana. This is not Juju it is called grace.

He can’t go a day without watching my videos on YouTube. He would call me on video and i see him watching me on TV.
All colours of men, black, white, yellow, blue and so on.

I am not the type who brags. But i can confidently tell you that if I ,Joyce Dzidzor Mensah wants a big wedding in Just one week, it’s just a matter of saying yes to any of these men i have put on a standby.
Take a good look at me. God took his time to create me.”