Joyce Blessing even wanted to snatch my husband from me — Nana Agradaa alleges

Nana Agradaa has again attacked her known nemesis, Joyce Blessing in a new video that has surfaced online.

According to Evangelist Mama Pat, gospel musician Joyce Blessing once attempted to snatch her husband from her but she did not allow that to happen.

Agradaa revealed this in a Facebook live video.

The former fetish priestess said she once invited the gospel singer for a program and she nearly regretted it.

Agradaa recounted how Joyce Blessing went and sat closer to her (Agradaa) husband after she finished performing.

After seeing what Joyce has done, Nana Agraada said that she stopped all that she was doing and went to sack her from where she was sitting and sat close to her husband.

Nana Agraada said that if she hadn’t acted fast, Joyce Blessing would have snatched her husband from her at that spot when she least expected it.


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