Joyce Blessing did not record the video for you and so what? — Zionfelix slams Dave Joy

Blogger Zionfelix has waded into the brouhaha surrounding gospel singer Joyce Blessing and her husband Dave Joy.

His reaction comes after Joyce Blessing’s estranged husband came out to expose his wife over her disgraceful video.

According to Zionfelix, it was needless for Dave Joy to expose his own wife no matter how bitter he feels about her.

In a video shared on social media, the blogger disclosed that it’s awful for Joyce Blessing’s husband to sit behind the camera and throw his own wife under the bus.

Zionfelix then added that portraying his wife as a liar and a cheat with his reply was needless of him as a man because this is someone he once loved and could have just coverup up for her taking into consideration that she’s a gospel musician.

Watch the video below;

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