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Actor Prince David Osei has come down hard on the opposition party of Ghana, National Democratic Congress ( NDC) for selecting former president, John Dramani Mahama as their flag-bearer for the upcoming general election in December 2020. 

The actor in an interview with Zion Felix on Youtube, when asked of his view on the upcoming general election for 2020, for he had a wish for the current president to be leading before he was voted in as a president. He responded that the current president is doing well. 

“ Judging from the previous administration and now, I think Ghana is on call for greater stuff ahead. I mean looking at some of the modality put in place, I believe Ghana is going to enjoy this administration.”  Prince David said

The actor added, for the country not to be dragged backwards, his view is for Ghana to keep the current president .

He appealed to John Mahama to agree and allow another person to represent the National Democratic Congress as a candidate for the upcoming election instead of his second coming.

 He added his return seems to be like the NDC party not having a capable candidate. “ He came to serve his term and he is coming back again to become a president again. To me I think it is an insult to the nation ..” 

In closing, he advised voters to stay out of violence for the candidate they are fighting for, are living in better places and do not even know them personally. 
Below is the video: 


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