Jesus Christ Is Not Your Mother Or Father’s Child - Pastor Love To Prophet Amoako Attah and Okoh Agyemang

Pastor Love Hammond after recovering from divorce is back to condemn Prophet Kofi Oduro, Prophet Amoako Attah and Oko Agyeman. 

According to Pastor Love, the three pastors are being jealous and hypocrite as they try to condemn most young pastors that work under Jesus Christ ministry.  

As he was speaking, he explained that Prophet Amoako Atta tried condemning and insulting church members for attending the church of Rev. Obofour. According to him, Amoako Attah sells books to his church members as Rev. Obofour sells anointing oil. 

Due to such, Pastor Love, argues Amoako not to insult the church members as animals of the young pastor for if the bible said the giftings are given freely, Amoako Attah is to give out the books freely and if not so, he is then a hypocrite for speaking against Rev. Obofour for selling anointing oil to his church members. 

He continues to argue, pastors like Prophet Oduro , Oko Agyeman and other pastors in the christian ministry are being attacked by unbelievers due to the negative news some pastors give out to the public.