Jackie Appiah is not an actress but a toto worker-Shatta Wale exposes [VIDEO]

Jackie Appiah is not an actress but a toto worker-Shatta Wale exposes in a new video.

Adepanews.com has come across a video where the controversial dancehall artist, Shatta Wale was heard saying that Jackie Appiah does not earn money from her acting because no movie sells up to $10,000.

This was after he had stated that he had lost respect for the beautiful actress for not siding with him during the COVID time.

Shatta further accused Jackie of funding her extravagant lifestyle from the money she gets from sleeping with men.

The dancehall king was heard saying;

“Jackie Appiah, I remember during Corona time when they said we should come and support, I said if we should come and support, at least there must be something small (money) to appreciate us with. But you went elsewhere to say that you don’t like what I said because why should I talk like that. Huh, Jackie, you don’t act. I used to respect you but the picture you are trying to paint to female actresses and whatever, stop it. Stop it because people know what you are doing in Ghana. When was the last time you did a movie that sold one million dollars? But you always want people to know that you are living life because you are blessed,

“There are actresses who are suffering. The ‘toto-work’ we know. We too can turn gays. If I turn gay, you can imagine the things I will acquire. The toto-works going on we know. Don’t come and pretend you are a celebrity. A celebrity lives a life that is of a celebrity. Check who a celebrity is in America or Europe. Don’t come and lie to the next generation,”

Have a look at the video below