I’ve over 3 babymamas & 13 kids – “happy” Michael Afranie reveals (VIDEO)

Kumasi-based actor, Michael Afranie, has expressed pride in having thirteen children with different women. In an interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso on The Delay Show, the popular actor revealed that he considers having many children to be a blessing, and he is not concerned about whether it would hinder his ability to build a house.

When asked how many women he has children with, Afranie was unsure of the exact number but estimated it to be around three or four. During the interview, he dismissed the need to build a house and argued that investing in humans is more important than building physical structures.

He cited examples of empty buildings he has seen in his community, and even referenced a recent earthquake in Turkey and the collapse of buildings as evidence of the fragility of structures.

Despite Deloris Frimpong Manso’s question about how he would be able to build a house with thirteen children, the actor remained proud of his offspring and considered them to be a blessing. He did not express any regrets about having multiple children with differenti women.

Afranie’s views on the importance of investing in humans rather than buildings may be controversial, but they reflect his personal beliefs and experiences. The interview on The Delay Show provides a glimpse into the actor’s personal life and perspective on family and priorities.

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