I’ve deeply regretted marrying my first wife- TT recounts his horrible experience.

Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as ‘T.T’ has shared his horrific experience while being married for the first time.

The actor lamented about the wife showed no sign of concern towards him.

He shared these experiences while speaking to Joy TV and he sighted an instance where the wife refused to open the door to their home simply because he had arrived at home late.

He was heard saying;

“It got to a point my life was at stake, she was a real pain in the neck. My first marriage is why I started having heart problems. I was always angry.”
“I would return from work and what you would come and see in the house, definitely you would be angry. 
It got to a point all the women in the house were surprised by her behaviour and some of them questioned her motives. I regret marrying her,”