It’s very difficult for me to find my Bra size – Popular Nigerian singer

It’s very difficult for me to find my Bra size – Popular Nigerian singer has disclosed.

Ogunjimi Adeyinka also known as Whykay, the Nigerian actress cum musician and content creator, has reiterated that she’s not under any pressure to get married and shockingly finds it difficult to get her bra size.

The actress made these surprising disclosure during a recent interview with Inside Nollywood, the voluptuous socialite cried out that being busty has put her in a disadvantageous position, however, she does turn deaf ears to body-shamers.

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During the interview when asked if she would go under the knife to enhance her hips so as to compliment her heavy upper region, she said,

“No! I am scared of anything needles and all that. I like what I have  at least none is flat.”

Ogunjimi Adeyinka also known as Whykay
Ogunjimi Adeyinka also known as Whykay

But then, she is open to marriage if the right man steps forward.

“At the moment, there is no marriage pressure from any of my family members. After all, I’m not that old. It’s only my mom that stylishly asks about my boyfriend, and I give her the answer suitable at that particular time,” she said, adding, “I’m not scared of commitment, I’m just scared of my time being wasted. I am open to marriage at any time. I like men who are intelligent. In fact, men that smell good and look smart turn me on at first appearance.”

She also spoke about the challenges she encounters with the hateful speech she has to navigate through daily on social media because of the trolls.

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However, the busty entertainer has lamented the difficulty of getting her perfect bra size.

“I actually don’t care about body ‘shamers’, and it also depends on my mood. If I get any negative comment on my social media, I can reply, delete or block. I make sure I have fun doing these. Another major disadvantage of being busty is the difficulty finding the perfect bra size. It sounds funny, but it’s true. My bra size is not regular.”

Check out her photo below.

PHOTO: It’s very difficult for me to find my Bra size – Popular Nigerian singer