Its not your v*gina – Shatta Wale’s cousin fires Aisha Modi (VIDEO)

The peppery altercation brewing between Self acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale and Aisha Modi (the loudmouth unofficial PRO of Stonebwoy) has taken a different turn after Shatta Wale’s ‘cousin’ Magdalene Love joined the fight.

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Magdalene Love voice out after Aisha Modi alleged in an earlier video that she (Magdalene) has been warming the beds of Shatta Wale even though they claim to be cousins.

“@shattawalenews tell ur king to stop sleeping with his so-called cousin and work hard. You fools should bring ourselves and u will hear nonsense kwasiaaaa” Aisha Modi boldly declared on Twitter.

Shatta Wale in his usual fashion had slapped Aisha Modi back with insults of his own on the social media platform. Nonetheless in a new video, Magdalene also took to her social media account to blast Aisha for making such deadly accusations.

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Magdalene made aired a lot of claims and allegations of her own, however the statement that struck a nerve was the one She noted that even if she sleeps with the musician, it’s none of her business.

Watch the video below to know more: