It’s nonsɛnsɛ and a crimɛ to use someone’s hard-earned image for social media clout – Bongo Ideas fires celebrities’ look-alikes

Controversial social media critic, Albert Nat Hyde widely known as Bongo Ideas has reacted and fired some shots at persons claiming to be look-alikes of celebrities in Ghana.

Finding celebrities’ look-alikes on social media has become a trend.

In recent times, persons who share a striking resemblance with celebrities in Ghana have sprung up. They bear similarities to some Ghanaian celebrities that you might think they’re related to them.

Some celebrities have embraced their look-alikes whiles others have given them hard times.

Well, Bongo Ideas who is known for sharing his raw opinions on trending issues in Ghana has asked the real artists to issue a stern warning to their look-alikes before things get out of hand.

According to him, using someone’s hard-earned image for social media clout just because you like them is a crime. Bongo advised the celebrities to follow the steps of Daddy Lumba who once stopped the late Anokye Supremo from using his image for social media clout because he looks like him.

He wrote;

The real artists must issue strong warnings to these doppelgängers (impersonators) asap.

You can’t use someone’s hard-earned image for social media clout just because you look like them. This n0nsense must stop!

Image Right is a delicate issue, which is why no top celebrity will condone it. Anokye Supremo was stopped by Daddy Lumba for the same reason. Drake, Lil Durk all did same.

Looking like a celeb or sharing some physical resemblance is not a crime, but capitalizing on that could be termed “impersonation,” which is a crime. Let’s Stop Them Now!