It was a mistake to come to Ghana — Evacuated students from Ukraine complain

Ghanaian students who were evacuated from Ukraine are crying out after government failed to place them in new schools despite numerous promises.

According to the students, government has not attempted to place them in school after all the assurances it gave them.

Thousands of students studying in various universities in Ukraine were evacuated by the government of Ghana when the war between Russia and Ukraine intensified.

President of NUGS Ukraine, Philip Bobbie Ansah, says the students are frustrated.

“We had a couple of meetings initially and they [government] made us understand that they are very much positioned to help us and secure schools for us. They requested data which we made available to them. Everything seems so slow. We do not know what is happening now.”

“Students and administrators have given them everything they asked for but we do not know what is causing the delay. Some of us refused to come to Ghana which seems like the best decision because they have opportunities, so it now looks like it was a mistake for some of us to come to Ghana.”