Is sɛx with married men different from the ones you have with your boyfriends? – Empress Gifty quizzes side chics

Ghanaian gospel singer, Mrs. Gifty Adorye widely known as Empress Gifty has reacted to recent reports of young ladies chasing or dating married men.

Empress Gifty breaking silence on viral reports of a married police officer who shot to death his alleged side chic asked what exactly about married men that thrilled young ladies to have a romantic relationship with them.

The gospel musician who’s still not certain why ladies date married men asked if the s3x they have with their boyfriends is different from married men.

“I want to ask if sex with married men is different. How does it feel like? Is it different from the ones you have with your boyfriends’? she asked during a Facebook live video.

She, however, cautioned young ladies against dating married men, adding that, obsession and insecurities can compel such men to k!ll them.

“If the insecurities start, it’s either they shoot or poison you. He will poison you to death. Anyone who dates a married man should be careful. It’s okay, whatever you have gained is enough. Pack and leave. Unless you tie him down somewhere or use charms on him. He will never leave his wife.

“The first sign to look out for is insecurities. When you start seeing that, leave! The second sign is that he will get abusive. He will start beating you in public and embarrassing you in front of your friends,” she stated.

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