Irate NPP supporters reportedly set party office ablaze

Some angry sympathizers of the New Patriotic Party in Aowin constituency have reportedly set the party’s office ablaze.

Reports have it that the party’s office was set on fire after the National Council decided to re-run the constituency’s election.

There are two factions in the constituency now, one is in support of the re-run while the other is against it.

Below is the statement issued by the angry supporter:


Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press, kindly accept our warmest regards for attending to our call this crucial moment. Our message to John Boadu and the leadership of the New Patriotic Party is very simple. We will not sit down for John Boadu to destroy the party here in Aowin. About a month ago, the Constituency Elections Committee organized very credible elections after weeks of rigorous campaign, going to electoral areas that are one hundred miles apart all within the very large Aowin Constituency.

The Elections were conducted by the Electoral Commission of Ghana, candidates were voted for by the almost nine hundred delegates and eventually, elections results were declared. Today, we are hearing John Boadu is going to call for a rerun of the elections in positions where persons supported by his Personal Assistant, one Abanga lost terribly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me pause here and send the strongest signal to John Boadu and those involved in this grand scheme to note that, firstly, WE WONT ACCEPT ANY RE-RUN of the Constituency elections. Secondly, we shall use EVERY MEANS POSSIBLE TO RESIST any attempts of nullification of any of the positions unless the Electoral Commission which conducted the elections has said so or a competent court of jurisdiction

Now back to the lies of John Boadu and his cronies, Ladies and Gentlemen I have a copy of the comprehensive report from the Aowin Constituency Elections Committee. The Committee’s report details all the legitimate processes that were followed and provides concrete ground for every single action taken. Kindly go through the report and know for yourselves the kind of competent and detailed work the committee did only for John Boadu and a few people in Accra to think they twist things and have their way. No! We shall resist them to the peril of our lives because we have suffered enough to build the party here.

Our message is simple, they should not put our patience and resolve to test. They will be in for the shocks of their lives if they think we are far from the headquarters of the party. We will literally wipe out NPP from this Constituency for everyone to see if they think they nullify and an election conducted by the Electoral Commission of Ghana without recourse to the courts of competent Jurisdiction in this country.

We will rest our case here and wait for them.

Meanwhile, the other faction that is in support of the re-run has accused the Regional Chairman, William Benjamin Assuah, and the National Director of Research and Elections, Evans Nimako, of frustrating the process to implement the recommendation of the committee put together to look into the issue regarding the contentious election.