Inspector Twumasi did nothing for my daughter – Maa Adwoa’s mom tells it all

Maa Adwoa’s foster mother has debunked claims that she was aware her late daughter was following police inspector Twumasi because of his money.

After the incident, an insider who had knowledge about the romantic affair between Maa Adwoa and Mr. Twumasi said the former’s mother should be blamed for the demise of the young lady. According to the insider, Maa Adwoa’s mother was aware that her daughter was double dating and encouraged her to ‘chop’ Twumasi’s money.

He added that Maa Adwoa’s mother was aware that her daughter never loved the police officer and was using him for ‘mr otua’ services.

Reacting to the claims that she was the one who gave her daughter the bad advice to chop Inspector Ahmed’s money and dump him along the line – Maa Adwoa’s mother claims the police inspector did nothing for her daughter.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Daily Gossip TV, Maa Adwoa’s foster mother claimed that Inspector Ahmed didn’t spend even a dime on her late daughter.

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