The New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizers in  Mfantseman Constituency of the late Ekow Quansah Hayford have asked the party to vote the wife of the late MP as parliamentary candidate ahead of the December polls.

According to the supporters and other party delegates, the widow of the deceased MP should be appointed as the party’s parliamentary candidate in Mfantseman Constituency, this could be the best form of paying tribute to him.

Some party members speaking to 3news shared their thoughts below:

“She supported him all this while,” a resident said in Fante, “so we want her since the soul of the MP is in her. All his suffering was with his wife and even all the projects had the wife in his company, so if we say we want his wife, we know what we are talking about.”

“The party has rules and regulations,” said another, also in Fante, “and even in this case there is a precedent – when an MP lost his life and his wife was asked to replace him. We the supporters want his wife, so we will be happy if the leadership grants this wish.

“But if the woman rejects the offer and opts for a different person, we want someone from Mankessim,” he added.

“The seat is our turn. It is with us here in Mankessim. If possible, all lovers, NPP, NDC and even floating voters, should give a smooth sailing to his wife. She is a high-ranking police officer with INTERPOL. She is very intelligent and can be MP and even more.

“So we will ask all to pay the MP especial tribute by voting for his wife.”

For another resident, revenge should be meted out to the killers if found.

“Repeat will repeat. If it is you who killed him investigations will reveal you and the devil will kill you.”