Veteran Ghanaian actress, Kumiwaa has publicly stated that she is sick and needs support.

According to the actress, she is sick and needs help but she’s afraid to ask because some Ghanaians will hurl insults at her if she comes out and pleads for aid.

Speaking in an interview with media personality MzGee, Kumiwaa said she can’t withstand the insults from some Ghanaians so she has decided to keep her plight to herself and wait on God.

The actress disclosed that she will accept donations from people if they come to her aid but coming out to beg for help on the internet will be the last thing she will do.

Watch the video below;



In other news, the Overlord of Ashanti Kingdom, Otumfour Osei Tutu II has publicly stated that he has no motive of compelling anyone into kowtowing to him.

Otumfour speaking at the first Council Meeting in the Ashanti Region said he hopes to give a facelift to those who are willing to work under him.

“I don’t think you have any impact,” he says if others are willing to submit to gain the necessary development and progress in their respective areas. “Those who want to be lifted to a dignified status would be accorded that and helped.”

Otumfuo also stated that he would work tirelessly for the betterment of areas in Bono East under his jurisdiction so that they could have the best that they deserved.

“If you are unable to fight for Ashanteman, please release your seat to those who can.” If you can’t sacrifice like our forefathers, you don’t deserve the seat.” “Bono East, anyone trying to raise their shoulders must be careful, not under my watch.” If you claim to be a man, I also claim to be a man. And in 1948, my uncle lifted you with Drobohene.” Otumfuo revealed.

“If you say today that no one can make the other a subject, who here is making the other a servant?” “No one has made the neighbour a servant,” he stated emphatically.

Otumfour’s comments come after Dormaahene Osagyefi Oseadeyo Agyeman II stated that no land in his jurisdiction is subject to the authority of Asantehene.