“I’m not sure if my brother has been saved or not, I keep having bad dreams about him” – Atsu’s twin sister weeps

The wherebouts of former Black Stars player, Christian Atsu is still unknown after it was reported that he has been rescued alive and taken to hospital for trearment.

According to Atsu’s twin sister Christiana Atsupie Twasam, she has been having sleepless nights after reports went viral again that her brother is nowhere to be found.

On February 7th, 2023, word came out of Turkey that the Ghanaian had been found alive under the earthquake rubble after only 26 hours and had been taken to the hospital for treatment.

A few hours later, Atsu’s club doctor disclosed that the footballer whereabouts is still unknown.

“We thank God if you have seen him, but otherwise, where is he? I can’t sleep at night because I don’t know where my brother is,” Christiana Atsupie said in an exclusive interview with crimecheckghana.

“I’m in a state of confusion right now; I’m not sure if my brother has been saved or not.

She questioned, “I know the squad is doing what they can to hunt for their family as well as teammates, but why would you release a statement assuring his safety when you have not seen him?” This is a difficult position for anyone to toil over.