“I’m not anti-Christ, whoever doesn’t believe in God is a f00l” – Kennedy Agyapong

Controversial lawmaker, Kennedy Agyapong has revealed his confidence and believe in God.

The MP joined Apostle Francis Amoako Atta at Parliament Chapel International (PCI) for the church’s weekly prayer session on December 30, 2022.

The New Patriotic Party presidential hopeful took the opportunity to shoot down the notion that he is anti-Christ – against the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

He touted his background as a student of religion reiterating that he had at a point learnt theology and was well versed in the scriptures.

“You are surprised that I am quoting the Bible. A lot of pastors said I am anti-Christ. I am not anti-Christ; I believe in God. I believe that anybody who does not believe in God is a fool. For me to sleep and wake up alone tells me God exists,” he said.

He, however, emphasised his abhorrence for fake pastors who always try to put fear in people just to extort money from them.

“I believe they are fake…Even the Bible made us aware that in the end there will be false prophets who will come in my name saying I am God, and when you are not careful to see the right pastors and continue to move from one pastor to another, your problems will not be solved.”

Kennedy Agyapong urged Ghanaians to work hard and build Ghana together.


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