I’m better off than those who insult me – Yaw Dabo

Ghanaian actor, Samuel Yaw Dabo has replied persons who mock him because of his height.

According to him, people should remember that God made him the way he is for a purpose.

Speaking in an interview on Accra FM, he said “perhaps I am better than you, those who insult me. If I were a member of your family, you would undoubtedly hurry to fulfill my request if I contacted you. If a funeral came to our house, I would likely ask you to go grab chairs.

“To the individual who is attacking me, if a funeral occurs at your home, the richest person will force you to carry the casket. I usually tell people to examine themselves first before making insults to others,” he said.

In addition, he admitted that he wouldn’t be where he is now in life if he had an ordinary build.

“You don’t have to speak about everything you see with your eyes. This is advice for online users who gossip about others while hiding behind their computers and mobile devices.”