I’ll not d!e even if I eat poison, Lilwin brags in a new interview.

As of now, we know the brouhaha between Lilwin and Big Akwes but as for me, I can’t tell if Lilwin’s new statement is a subtle jab at Big Akwes.

Yesterday Big Akwes told us that Lilwin has petitioned the Ghana Police Service to have him brought to the police station so that they can make peace.

According to him, the police called him at home and invited him to appear at the police station so that everything could be settled and peace restored.

He also stated that he will respond to the police call, but their efforts to defuse the situation will be futile because he will never make peace with him.

Well, in the new video, Lilwin, disclosed that no man born of a woman can kill him, let alone bring him down.

In Lilwin’s words, his enemies can even put poison in his food, but he will never die as a result of eating it.

Have a look at the video below.


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