I’ll forgive you if you swallow your ego and apologize – Deborah tells Deacon Nimako

Ghanaian slay queen, Deborah Seyram Adablah says she’s ready to forgive her sugar daddy turned enemy, Ernest Akwasi Nimako if he’ll swallow his ego and apologize to her.

The duo trended on social media after Deborah sued Nimako at the High Court seeking for the court to enforce some alleged broken promises he made to her.

As you may recall, the two met when Deborah worked as a service personnel at Nimako’s bank. They struck up an illicit relationship which later turned sour.

Once the relationship went wrong, Deacon Nimako took back his car, refused to pay her rent, and ceased the Ghc 3,000 per month allowance he was giving her.

Hence, Deborah wants the court to restore all these goodies.

After the case blew in the public sphere, both sides are playing damage control.

The case has turned the Deacon’s life upside down and opened him up to ridicule.

Debbie now says she’s ready to end things before they get too far, but Nimako has to show remorse and restore her to her former status!

She says he just has to swallow his ego and things would go back to how they were.

No word yet on Nimako’s response but we can’t imagine he’ll be willing to play ball.


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