IGP angrily slams Police Officer for keeping 25 suspects in police cell [WATCH]

Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare has expressed worry about the congestion of various police cells in the country.

Dr. Dampare said the police administration has noticed that most of the police cells are congested and under his leadership, he wants to address what he termed as a “systemic issue”.

The IGP in a video trending on social media visited one of the police during his usual visits and asked the officer in charge about the total number of suspects he is keeping in the cell and if the place is congested.

The officer replied 25 suspects and noted that the place was not congested. Dr. Dampare asked him if he’ll be comfortable staying in the cells for two days.

He subsequently asked the officer if there is a water closet and a shower for the suspects.

According to Dr. Dampare, the practice of keeping more than 25 suspects in a police cell is outmoded and should not be entertained.

Here is what transpired between them;

Dr Dampare: “how many people are in the cell?”

Officer: “25”

Dr Dampare: how big is that place for 25 people? imagine you are one of the 25, will you be comfortable? Is the place congested?

Officer: “No sir”

Dr Dampare: “It is not congested so, I should put you there for two days.”

Dr Dampare: “We didn’t come to talk about your place as if the problem is you. we have noticed a systemic issue and we want to address it, so, be frank with us and stop that bold police mentality of defensiveness, it is not going to help anyone.

“You put 25 people in that space and at times they get to 30 or 40, and they are breathless. what we want to say is that irrespective of whoever is involved, he is a suspect, he can be a criminal, he can be a convict [but] the humanity of that person is like ours and we cannot take the dignity of it out.

“You have to be very humanistic because it can happen to anyone of us, so, we need to push the agenda in ensuring that this cell transformation also takes place…”

Watch the video below;