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Some women have made it a habit of depending on men in relationships to be able to afford means to survive, while other percentage of women are speaking out loud for women to be independent to gain girl power from men. 

Independent women are advocating for other women to be able to feel comfortable doing things on their own, being able to pay their bills plus being able to speak up their mind to avoid some men disrespecting them. 

In addition, independent women are also advocating other women to support their other women and not view them to be in competition with plus not judging them based on what they are wearing. 

As independents are educating dependent women to put themselves together to pick up the lead, Reno Omokri on Friday May 12,2020 made a post advising men to be caretakers of their mothers if they want to take care of a woman. 

Dear boyfriend”

“The only duty you owe your girlfriend is courtesy. You don’t owe her maintenance, or footing her bills. Emancipate yourself from that slavery. If you want to look after a woman, go home and look after your mother! ‪It is a sign of mental laziness to allow any girlfriend manipulate you to the extent that you think you are are being responsible by looking after her. You are not. Think with your head, not your reproductive organ .” Reno Omokri writes.

Closing, one can still be in a loving relationship and be an independent woman. 

If You Want To Look After A Woman, Go Home And Look After Your Mother ! - Reno Omokri