If God does not like body enhancement he wouldn’t have given Doctors wisdom to do it — Salma Mumin

Ghanaian actress Salma Mumin has replied persons criticizing women who have enhanced their body shape.

Salma Mumin defending women who have gone under the knife claimed that she believes God gave them the wisdom to do that.

According to her, she believes God gave humans the knowledge and wisdom to create things hence the thought going under the knife probably came from God.

Salma added that God gave doctors the knowledge and wisdom to operate on sick people to get better, she believes He gave them the knowledge too to do liposuction, and the thought coming into their minds to do that was from God.

Salma Mumin in this video tried justifying everything the host asked her and twisting it into that it’s not because they are not appreciative of what God has given them but then they just wanted to look good which God gave them the idea for that.