Ibrah One exposes EOCO Boss of Corruption for seizing 95 Luxury Cars

In a recent development, Ibrah One, a prominent businessperson, has accused the head of the Economic and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) in Ghana of being the most corrupt individual in the country’s 66-year history.

This claim came on the heels of EOCO’s revelation that they had frozen 95 high-end cars, a move that was announced by the agency’s Executive Director.

The Executive Director has since issued a statement requesting that the owners of the vehicles in question provide the necessary documentation before May 3, 2023, to facilitate the return of their cars.

In response to this news, Ibrah One, who also owns luxury cars, has made a controversial statement suggesting that the car owners can reclaim their vehicles without providing any documentation, implying that the EOCO boss is corrupt and that bribery could be an easy way out for the car owners.

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