A young and beautiful fetish priestess identified as Precious Gift Amarachi has taken to social media to announce that she’s ready to pay the groom’s price of any man who’s willing to marry her.

A lot of men have the desire to marry but one thing that always becomes a hindrance and makes it difficult to tie the knot with their loved ones is the bride price.

Some men are still single because they can not afford to pay the expensive bride price charged by the family of the lady they wish to settle down with.

Well, if you are a man worrying about bride price then worry no more, here is an opportunity for you to marry without thinking about bride price.

This young and beautiful priestess is willing to pay your groom’s price if you agree to marry her in her shrine.

In a Facebook post, she wrote;

If you are A guy Looking for a Wife to marry this December and u don’t have money,

Well worry no more because I got your back ..

I will pay ur groom price and everything all u have to do is To accept to Marry me in my Shrine..

Our wedding will hold in the Shrine and inside water…

Na me be that fine girl wey don sell her soul to the Devil 👿 with pride 😂😂😂

I will pay your groom price & everything if you accept to marry me in my shrine – Priestess tells men


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