I Will Not Stop Sleeping With Men Till I Get Rich – Hookup Girl Speaks

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Rebecca Opoku is a citizen of Ivory Coat but residing in Ghana as a professional hookup girl. Speaking with SVTV Africa, she explained that, she has been engaging in such business for about two years. 

Having Rebecca speaking on how she engages in the hookup business,  she explains that, having two children and wanted to register one of her children to a school in which she was facing some financial hardship. 

As to her workplace was delaying in giving her her monthly salary leading her to engage in hookup business. When she got herself into the business, she was able to gain money to be able to take care of herself and her children. 

She also added that, through the hookup business, she is able to financially take care of her younger siblings but explained will not introduce her younger slippings to the hookup business. 

Below is the video:

Source: adepanews.com