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I will k!ll him if he tries it again — Father of Achimota School Rasta student threatens

Father of Tryron Marghuy, one of the Achimota Rasta students has threatened to end the life of his son if he attacked him again.

We reported earlier that Tyron assaulted his father after he tried to intervene in an argument he had with his side.

“He had an argument with his sister and I went over to ask him why and he just unplugged his laptop and walked over me and that’s what he has been doing all these years”, the father lamented.

Showing his injured hand with blood in the video, Mr. Marghuy alleged that Tyron had an argument with his sister and as he tried to confront him, his young son got angry and stabbed his hand.

“This is the third time something like this is happening because he walked over me and I rushed at him, I wanted to slap him for doing that, he does it every time and he gripped my hand, so hard, I don’t know if he had something or whatever with him, and this is what he has done,” he said in the video.

Mr. Marghuy threatened to end Tyron’s life if he attempts another attack on him.

“I don’t know, but the next time this happens again I’m going to fucking kill that boy or he should leave this house. If not he will pay with his life,” he said in the video

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