I will decide my de@th after my 100th birthday – Archbishop Duncan Williams

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, the founder of the Action Faith Chapel International, has vowed to live a long time.

The man of God informed his congregation on his 31st Night service that he still has more time on earth and would choose when he wants to depart from it.

Archbishop Duncan Williams emphasized to his congregation during his speech that he will have another 100 years to live until his final days.

“Every year, you are losing. You are losing the years. I am 65 and I will live (till) 100 years. Yeah, I am going for a 100. You can look at me anyway and say nothing, but I say 100. Amen.

“At 100, I will determine whether I will stay or leave… if I will live a 100 and I am 65, how many more years do I have to go?

“So, I have spent more years than what I have left and so many of you have spent more years in this life than you have left to live. And what have you done with the years you’ve spent compared to the years left for you,” he stressed.


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