“I was transported with 20 cows from Savelugu to Accra to start life” – Sherifa Gunu

Ghanaian musician, Sherifa Gunu has sadly revealed how she was transported from the Northern Region to Accra to start a new life.

The singer speaking in an interview said she was transferred with 20 cows from Savelugu to Accra.

Sherifa said she had traveled to Accra since her father couldn’t pay her brother’s SSS tuition.

“There came a time my father was looking for 80ghc to pay my school fees and never got that amount. He tried sourcing it from his brother who was a bit financially sound but he declined to support him.

“I saw my father returning and looking distraught with tears filled in his eyes. It was from there I resolved to relocate from Savelugu because there was no helper. I have talent but my family is broke. I became frustrated.

“I approached my uncle who usually transported cows to the south to help me leave Savelugu with a promise not to tell my father about it. He agreed and I gave a polythene bag containing my belongings to a friend Bintu to wait at the station for me to join.

“Finally, I managed to sneak out of the house and boarded the truck with 20 cows. It took us two days on the trip before we finally arrived at Kumasi.

“The cows kicked at me, defecated and were also beaten by the rain. It is something I will never forget”, She recounted.