I was forced to eat faeces from a diaper working as a maid — Celestine Donkor reveals

Gospel singer, Celestine Donkor has opened on the inhuman treatment she went through when working as maid some years back.

According to Mrs Donkor, she has experienced different things at different times of her life as a result of her living conditions growing up.

“I was serving people as a house help. So that was how I grew up. Living with different kinds of people formed a very important part of my life because I experienced different things at different levels.

“Some of the people I stayed with were very good to me. They took me in as their own daughter. There was no feeling like an outcast. And there were others who made me like rejected and less of a human,” she stated.

The award-winning singer reveals that in one of the homes that she found herself working in as the help, she was forced to eat faeces from a diaper.

“I lived with a woman in a compound house, helping her with chores. She already had a maid, so I was the assisting maid. One day after doing all the maid’s chores, she refused to give me food to eat. When our madam’s baby pooped in its diaper, she took off the soiled diaper and said i should eat the faeces before she gives me food. I was so hungry that I ate the baby’s faeces. I have never shared this because I feel it’s embarrassing,” she shared.