I turn into fish and visit my family in the sea at night – Ghanaian singer

Ghanaian musician, Nyevile Born well known as Star has revealed how she was given as a gift to the sea.

According to her, she always visits her other family at the sea at night. She narrated how her mother was finding it difficult to give birth and so a traditional priestess offered assistance and in return she was to be given to the sea goddess.

Speaking in an interview with Arnold on Vibes in 5, the songstress said that she was devoted to the sea at birth by both her mother and the priestess and the sea swept her away for 4 days.

Upon return, she had the power to transform into a fish and visit her family at the sea each night.

Because of that, you do not on the light at night when she is sleeping at night or risk endangering yourself. All her family and friends know this so they do not break the rule.

Watch video below: