“I still pick taxi and trotro because I don’t see myself as celebrity” – Berla Mundi

Broadcast journalist Berla Mundi says she still takes taxi and trotro as means of transport despite her fame.

According to her, she takes trotro as her means of transport because she does not see herself as a celebrity.

Responding to a tweet where she was asked why she still picks up taxis at her level, Berla Mundi intimated that she saw nothing wrong with that since she is not a celebrity.


“I’m not a celebrity sir. I’m just a young Ghanaian lady on TV who also picks taxis and used to pick trotro too,” Berla Mundi replied.

“I still pick taxi and trotro because I don't see myself as celebrity” – Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi wanted the fan to understand that she has not put herself under undue pressure as a celebrity who needs to catch up with the competition.

In an earlier tweet, Berla Mundi complained about the high taxi fares and said she would start walking to work. Her complaints came on the heels of recent price hikes in the country.

As a broadcaster who has been doing her job for years alongside hosting several shows, many thought Berla Mundi would be in her lavish car or probably pick an Uber, but she has maintained that she is not concerned about those things for now.