“I started scamming because of my girlfriend”- Young man narrates

I started scamming because of my girlfriend

“I started scamming because of my girlfriend”, Young man narrates during an interview with Ghpage.

The young man whose name was said to be John mentioned that the girlfriend was the woman of his dreams and he was prepared to do anything to make them be together until it was time for marriage.

His girlfriend who was very supportive of him then told him she could not present him to his parent because he was not rich enough.

The young man said the hardship in Ghana was unbearable and he had no means of being financially presentable to the lady’s parent.

He then consulted a spiritualist and after starting the ritual he was told he was unfit for Sakawa.

John narrated that ”

“She told me that I had no money so she can’t introduce me to his parents…..

…To impress her, I decided to go for the money ritual. The mallam told me bring 5000 cedis, a white sheep and he asked me to eat a full chicken without chewing,”

“I scammed with military recruitment protocol”

“They paid and I gave it to the mallam but it didn’t work. He later told me my spirit does not like money so it won’t work,”