I sold everything to marry him and came back to Ghana with nothing – Actress Nayas

Actress Gladys Mensah Boaku widely known as Nayas has opened up about how she sold all her properties in Ghana and travelled to Germany to marry her ex-husband.

The actress speaking in an interview with Delay disclosed that she tied the knot with her ex-husband 8 days after they met.

After selling everything in Ghana, she travelled to German to begin her life as a married woman. Unfortunately, her honeymoon was cut short when her husband’s past surfaced.

She uncovered that her husband had eight children from four failed marriages.

“When I met him, he said he had five children. But he has eight children. I found out myself, and after confronting him, he confessed. He also said he was divorced and I assumed it was just once. Later I found out I was his fifth wife.”

Nayas spent 18 months in Germany and came back to Ghana with nothing. She narrated how she used up all her money working as a cleaner to care for her ex-husband, who claimed he wouldn’t work because he was sick, adding that she couldn’t spend her money without her permission.

“After my fourth month, I realized my mistake. Remembering how I could eat and wear whatever I liked in Ghana and support my family as a single mother hustling without a man, I realized I had made a mistake (leaving Ghana). Also, at that time, my visa had expired,” she said.

Nayas disclosed that had it not been for the benevolence of her cousin in Germany, she couldn’t even afford her plane ticket after working hard for so many months in January.