I slept with my son to have a baby for my husband — Woman confesses

A Nigerian woman, Matina Agawua has opened up on how she slept with her biological son just to have a baby for her husband.

Matina lost her first husband to herdsmen attack in Northern Nigeria after giving birth to her first son.

After six years, she remarried but had difficulties giving birth to her new husband. Six years later, her mother-in-law started mounting pressure on her to give birth or the marriage will be over.

Matina’s husband also threatened to marry another woman and this worried Matina because she contributed money to build the house they live in.

Matina revealed that she had undergone a test on her own since her husband refused to go for one, and the result showed that there was nothing wrong with her medically.

She decided to put her fertility to test by sleeping with her biological some to see if she could give birth.

“We had been married for more than six years but were still childless due to my husband’s fault, according to doctor’s report, and I was hearing from the grapevine that he was planning to take a second wife on the grounds that I could not give him a child,” Matina told The Nation.

“I visited him regularly. He stays in a private apartment with my relatives, so I was going there to spend some time with them, especially on weekends when my market is off.

“It was actually difficult making love with my own son, but circumstances forced me to go into it. I needed to be sure of my fertility.

“I know my husband very well. If he discovered I had an affair with a man outside, he would kill me.

“I love him so much and I’m afraid of him, so this evil plan kept ringing in my mind to know how fertile I am.

“I tried to visit my son in Akwanga mostly when I was on my ovulation period. I decided to develop a crush on him and draw him very close to me. We got intimate and ended up having sex.

“One faithful day while I was on my ovulation period, I visited him. It was at about 11pm. I held his hand and made him sit beside me.

“I asked him if he had ever had sex and he said no. I held him in my arms. This time, I felt warm and I think he too did.

“After that night, I felt extremely embarrassed, and guilty that I committed such an abomination with my own son.

“It was actually a taboo, but I warned him to keep it secret.”

Matina said that prior to having sex with her son, she didn’t have sex with her husband for three months.

After intercourse with her son in Jan 2022, she said she missed her period that same month and a test confirmed she was pregnant.

However, when she shared the news with her husband, he suspected foul play. He reminded her that they have not had sex for three months and inisisted he is not responsible for the pregnancy.

Mr James accused Matina of adultry and threatened to kill her, so she confessed to having sex with her son.

Matina’s son was questioned and he confessed to the sex act with his mother.

Matina told the publication: “I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to hurt or lose him.

“I did what I did to save my marriage. I got reliable information that he was planning to take a second wife on the advice of his parents and that the wife would occupy one of the apartments we suffered to build together.

“I was not comfortable with that idea and felt I could test my fertility with my son and impose it on him.

“I did that to get him a child and to stop him from taking a second wife. Taking a second wife is an indirect way of pushing me away, losing all we have suffered to put together.

“Look at my age. I’m not getting younger and my husband was not prepared to address the matter medically.

“Look at the result of the test; it shows low sperm count. There is no way he would have been able to impregnate me.

“I know I was doing the wrong thing and betraying my husband, but I saw it as a lesser evil than going outside.

“Now the man is even threatening to kill my son for impregnating me, so I had to move my son out of Akwanga and take him somewhere else to save his life.

“This is more so because I was the one who put him into the whole mess. I have to protect him.”

Matina’s husband insisted he would not accept a pregnancy that is not his.

Matina fears her husband may kill her and has left the house for him.