I slap men who don’t “chop” me better – popular actress reveals

Ghanaian actress Lady Harriet recently spoke out about her sexual needs, expressing her disdain for men who are unable to satisfy her.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu on a YouTube channel, Lady Harriet stated that she believes romantic relationships should be enjoyable for both parties, and that she personally enjoys the making-out phase of lovemaking.

Lady Harriet emphasized the importance of men being unselfish during sex, and making sure that their partner is also able to fully enjoy the experience.

She explained that men should not rush to orgasm, as this can be frustrating for their partners, who may still be interested in continuing. Lady Harriet also noted that men should take the time to “play with women” during sex and “know how to ride her,” in order to fully satisfy their partners.

According to Lady Harriet, men who are not good in bed and frequently rush during sex are not welcome in her life. She emphasized that such behavior is selfish and frustrating, and that it may result in her slapping her partner. Lady Harriet stressed that in order to win her heart, a man must be able to make love to her in a way that fully satisfies her needs.

Overall, Lady Harriet’s comments highlight the importance of sexual satisfaction in relationships, and the need for both partners to be unselfish and attentive to each other’s needs in the bedroom.