I Saved Regina Daniels from Prostitution-Ned Nwoko

I Saved Regina Daniels from Prostitution, Ned Nwoko reveals the main reason he married her.

Speaking in an interview, he said men from Northern Nigeria like himself who marry multiple women are doing those women and society a huge favor by providing them with a home and caring for them.

He believes women who are left on their own have no economic prospects and are therefore forced into prostitution and other similar vices.

He also said if he wants another wife he would add and that Regina and all his wives already understand this.

Explaining further he said.

“You see the average Northerner marrying two, three, four women, they are helping the society because it is the economic downturn that has affected so many women who you see doing prostitution and all that…”

“Whether I marry another wife is not … she (Regina) knows that it can happen, I come from a very polygamous environment myself, I love children and I want more children, she knows it and my other wives know this, so we see what happens in the future.”