I recently ‘Chopped’ my ex-wife Lizzy again – Funny Face

I recently ‘Chopped’ my ex-wife Lizzy again – Funny Face has revealed.

As I’ve always argued; “Weak people are the causes of the problems in the world”. Funny Face can be used as a case study for the aforementioned quote which is subjected to an argument.

The estranged comic actor keeps making more negative allegations despite his woes.

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Funny Face has been ranting on social media for some time now and many people are blaming it on depression.

Earlier, Funny Face in a series of videos accused Maame Yeboah Asiedu of being behind the one engineering the downfall of his relationship with his baby mama.

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Funny face added he has vast evidence to back his attacks and he was going to publish them to expose the dirty dealings of Maame Yeboah Asiedu which proved to be false.

In a new post on Instagram,Funny has disclosed that his ex-wife Lizzy, recently warmed his bed.

Part of his message read:

aboaaaa da girl u defending my ex wife lizzy .. recently I have fucked her.

In other news, Funny Face Abena Moet goes around smelling people’s armpits and for that matter, Abena Moet is a pig who smells very bad in addition.

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Funny Face hurled these heavy insults on the entertainment commentator in a self-made video he shared on his Ig page.

Check out the post below.