Popular Ghanaian Media Personality Cynthia Tima Yeboah has announced that she needs a man for a serious relationship because her life is not complete making she very unhappy.

Miss. Yeboah who is the mother of two revealed on the renowned Delay Show hosted by Delores Frimpong Manso, that even though she is well accomplished, she lacks a partner who would ginger her world and make her happy.

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According to the TV host, at times she has things stressing her out at work that she wishes to share with her man but she cannot do that because she doesn’t have any.

“I am not happy because I need a man in my life. Sometimes You are single and religious but you still need a Man. Sometimes, I go through things at work and have no one to share my problems with”

Watch her confession below:

Meanwhile, With how rapidly the Coronavirus infection cases are rising, the “Akobam” hitmaker Joey B has established the aversion he has for Covid-19 positive person who purposefully mingles with others when their actions can kill the unaware individual.

WHO alongside countless reports from research institutions has revealed the Covid-19 which a respiratory disease is transmitted from person to person during close contact with an infected individual.

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In Joey’s latest Tweet, people who have contracted the deadly virus are not to blame but it is wrong to be out in the public knowing that cost of your action can take the life of an innocent person.

He tweeted saying,

“dons, if you get covid e no be crime o, you for make your people know. don’t test positive and come jam plus we, what that? smh.”