A Twitter user has shockingly revealed how she achieves org@sm whenever she breastfeeds her son.

In her confession, she disclosed that how her son sucks her nipple makes her m.asturbate.

According to her, she always gets the best orgasm when her son is sucking her breast.

“I m@sturbate whenever I am breastfeeding my son” — Lady shockingly reveals

In other news, brand influencer, Ayisha Modi has revealed that she also gave veteran actor Psalm Adjeteyfio money in 2021 when he appealed for support to pay his rent.

Ayisha disclosed this in a comment section under a social media post of singer Reggie Zippy.

According to Reggie in the Facebook post, he doesn’t understand why Ghanaians are chastising MzGee and actor T.T adding that many Ghanaians who are not in the shoes of the actor may not completely get what he is going through.

Reacting to the post, Ayisha Modi wrote;

“Naaa if he made investment with the money we all gave him, TT can be making over 6,000gh every month bro. So what kind of investment is he talking about? I invested 50,000 dollars at Gh bank and I make 6,000 dollars profit every 6months bro”

Actor T.T had earlier indicated that he invested the GH¢50,000 the Vice President gave him.

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