I make $1million every day from galamsey — Chairman Wontumi

Ghanaian politician and businessman, Bernard Antwi Bosiako widely known as Chairman Wontumi has opened up on the huge sums of money he gets from ‘galamsey’.

The Ashanti Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party claimed he earned $1 million dollars from galamsey every single day.

Speaking in an interview with Delay he said, “I was earning $1 million a day. Do you know something, Ghana is so rich.”

Delay in shock calculated how much he was approximately earning in a year, and it was over $350 million per year.

“For me, it was mining that helped me to be wealthy”, Wontumi said.

Delay being skeptical about the amount of money Chairman Wontumi earned from mining, he said:

“I always tell people to fast check at Precious Mineral Marketing Company (PMMC). It is for the government. If you go there, mention Handsome Mining or mention my name, Wontumi. They know me. They would pull out my records for you.”

Wontumi replied to Delay’s question and asked if she was hungry which she replied no.

He further asked her to look around the studio and said it is one of the nicest studios around and that the studio has helped the public so why can’t he buy a nice car for himself if he is doing good for the public?

Watch the interview below;